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The 7 chakras, the body’s energy centers

Chakras, the body’s energy centers, reside inside our body. They have different purposes and uses. This post will explain what they are, how they work and what you can do to influence them.

Most people who are not on a spiritual path will not know about the chakras, and will not activate them. This means that they will remain dormant. Remaining dormant does not mean that they do not function. On the contrary, the chakras are always working. The question is; are they working correctly or not?

What are the chakras?

Everyone that starts to explore spirituality will at some point come across the chakras. The chakras are energy centers that reside inside or just outside our body’s. Just as we have a physical body, we also have an energetic or astral body (sometimes called aura). The astral body is made by the chakras and connects to our physical body. The chakras can either be open or closed. Meaning they can let energy flow through them, or block it.

At any moment, energy from the cosmos and from the earth is flowing through all of us. It passes through our heads down through our tows into the earth and vice versa. The chakra’s make sure that this energy can flow, or that it is blocked.

7 chakras

Ideally our chakras are open and energy flows through unhindered. When a chakra is closed the energy can’t pass through, and that may cause problems. These can be physical or mental. We can actively influence our chakras in various ways; by thinking of them, meditating on them, trying to feel them, solfeggio frequency’s, chant mantra’s, and with gemstones.

7 main chakras

We all have 144 chakras. And most of them are inside our body’s, only 3 are not inside our body. Of those 144 we have 7 main chakras. These 7 have the most influence on our body’s, thoughts, emotions, and lives. Each of these 7 main chakras has their own frequency, these frequencies correspond with the solfeggio frequency’s. They all have a specific color, and they respond to their own a mantra.

The 7 chakras represent different parts of our lives.

  1. Root chakra (Muladhara) Mantra LAM. The chakra is located in the tailbone and points downward. It is connected to survival and basic needs like food and water. It helps you ground and connect to the earth. Determines how stable and secure you feel. It stands for what you are; I AM.
  2. Sacral chakra (Svadisthana) Mantra VAM. The chakra is located just below the navel. It is connected to your emotional being and outing, creativity and your sexuality. It stands for what you feel; I FEEL.
  3. Solar Plexus (Manipura) Mantra RAM. The chakra is located just above your navel. It is connected to your self-worth, your passion, your identity, and your ability to reach your goals. It stands for your actions; I DO.
  4. Heart chakra (Anahata) Mantra YAM. The chakra is located inside your chest near your heart. It is connected to love. Love for oneself, love for others and love in general. It stands for your passion/love; I LOVE.
  5. Throat chakra (Vishuddi) Color; Blue. Mantra HAM. The chakra is located in the throat near the larynx. It is connected to communication, expression of feelings and thoughts, being honest with yourself. It stands for what you say; I TALK.
  6. Third Eye chakra (Ajna). Color; indigo Mantra OHM. The chakra is located in the forehead just between the eyes and above the nose. It is connected to your feeling and experiencing, intuition, and clairvoyant. It stands for what you are able to see; I SEE.
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara) Mantra AAHH. The chakra located on the top of your head or crown. It is connected to your higher self, to the cosmos, is connected to spirituality and the infinite wisdom. It stands for all that you understand; I UNDERSTAND.
The chakra and their corresponding frequency

Ways we can influence the chakra’s

There are different ways in which we can influence our chakra’s. You can meditate on them, think about them, chant their corresponding mantra, do yoga, use gemstones correlated to a specific chakra, or listen to their solfeggio frequency. The frequencies are listed in the above picture. You can find them easily on YouTube or Spotify.

Chakra stone chart

Above is a picture of the different chakras and their corresponding stones. Holding the stone during meditation or just carrying it with you in general will help you open en cleans the chakra.

Opening and cleaning the chakras

In order for our chakra’s to function properly, we need to balance them daily. Yes daily. It works the same as with muscle or our brain. When we stop to practice, we lose our gains. Chakras are like a drain in your sink, when you do not clean them they get clogged with heavy energy, emotions and bad vibes.

What way you use to open and clean the chakras is up to you, try out different things and see what works for you. I myself chant the corresponding mantra’s while on my morning walk with the dog. While chanting, I visualize the chakra (I imagine a small boll of energy that burns bright in the chakra specific color) and I imagine it opening up.

If a chakra is blocked, it can take some time before it slowly unlocks. There are guided meditations that can help you unlock the chakra’s faster if you want. If you are completely new to meditation, read this article on how you can start meditating; Meditation, a starting guide to spiritual growth.

If you are looking for guided meditations to help you activate and open your chakras, I recommend the meditations by Brain Scott. At the beginning he explains what the chakra is and what it does, then he starts the meditation. You can jump straight into the meditation using his time stamps in the description of each meditation.

Root chakra meditation;

Sacral chakra meditation;

Solar plexus meditation;

Heart chakra meditation;

Throat chakra meditation

Third eye chakra meditation;

Crown chakra meditation;

Chakra mantra meditation;

You can check out his YouTube channel for more meditations and video’s on all kinds of spiritual topics. It has helped me tremendously to better understand how things work on a spiritual level, and how everything is connected to each other.

Frequencies and balance

So now we know that the chakras correspond to different frequencies. As everything in this world is a vibration with a frequency, we as human beings also have a frequency on which we vibrate. You might have heard people talk about this, and claiming that the higher your vibration and frequency the better it is.

This is true, but it comes with some clarification. The higher your vibration, the more in tune you are with understanding (crown chakra). That means that you are in tune with the highest version of you, or what’s called your highest self. A commonly made mistake is that people tend to focus only on the upper 4 or 3 chakras and put all their attention and energy there.


This is a mistake because all of us, always, use all of our chakras. That’s just the way we as humans are wired and build. Only paying attention to the higher ones is like skipping leg day at the gym. At first, it won’t matter that much but with time you will get out of balance. And that is exactly what you want to prevent. Working on the chakras means working on all 7 of them, to attain balance!

As humans, we live on earth in what’s called a 3D experience. The physical body allows us to have that 3D physical experience. The 3 lower chakras are responsible for how good or bad you experience this 3D world. So they deserve your focus!

Where to start?

Start with the lower 3. The lower 3 chakras represent your life here on earth. When they are open and in balance, you will live a life without lack. They will let you experience safety and belonging here on earth, this will be the foundation on which you can grow and explore.

Stones balancing on each other

You’ll find that once your root chakra is open, you will have a stable home, you have plenty of energy, and you are comfortable and secure. The sacral chakra will provide you with passion and sexuality, a sense of identity and pleasure in general. And the solar plexus will give you strength, power, personality and determination to do actions.

From there you can work your way up to the higher ones, and connect the higher spiritual world to your life on earth. Then you will start to understand better why things work the way they do. When you start the other way around, you’re trying building on loose sand. Start at the bottom and build a solid foundation!

And remember, work on your chakras daily to gain maximum results. This doesn’t have to be long. 10 minutes will suffice.

Enjoy life to the fullest, BEINLOVEWITHYOURSELF!