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The best way to manifest

Manifesting your dream life can be a challenge. There are a lot of different meditations and practices out there. This post will dive deeper into how you can manifest the life of your dreams.

How to manifest

There are a few different ways that you can manifest the life of your dreams. The most commonly used is mediation, combined with visualization. But there are a few different things we can utilize to help us manifest. But first things first. Meditation.

Before you go out and start choosing a meditation on manifestation at random, it is wise to understand the basics of meditation and what you need to do in order to ‘meditate’. You can learn more on that in this post: Meditation a starting guide to spiritual growth.

The best way to manifest, mediation

When you start out with meditation, and your goal is to manifest faster, it is helpful to know if your chakras are open and working properly. When the chakras are open they will speed up the process of manifestation, while when closed they will slow it down.

Meditating on your heart. The fastest way to manifest what you want

As you probably know, I’m big on meditating on the heart. So much so, that I made it one of the centerpieces on this website’s home page. That has it reasons. Through years of practice and learning, I have come to the conclusion that our heart is the center of our experience here on earth and in this life.

How it works

The heart has, just like the brain, an electromagnetic field. Only the hearts’ field is way more potent than the brains. The brain’s electromagnetic field reaches just outside our skull, the hearts’ reaches 3 feet or up to 1 meter outside our body’s. Besides that, the heart has over 40,000 neurons (like the brain) that can learn, process and have emotions. In short, it is way more powerful than our brain. You can read more on the heart, and its electromagnetic field here and a more scientific article here.

The heart's electromagnetic field
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Why do I feel this is important? In an earlier post, I wrote that we as humans are electrical beings. Walking nuclear explosions, actually. You can read more on that here. This electricity can be used to magnetize ourselves. We can best do that by magnetizing our heart. By magnetizing our heart with what we want we are able to manifest it into reality.

We are all living in a quantum field with endless possibilities. Just like quantum physics it only gets real as soon as we put our attention on it. By magnetizing the heart, we connect to that which we desire inside the quantum field and attract it to us.

Law of attraction

You might have heard people on social media talk about the law of attraction, and how you can attract anything you want into your life. Or you read about it in the book the secret. But how do you do this? They (mostly) claim you only need to be focused on what you want, and that this will manifest. This is partly true.

But how do you know what you want, what you truly want? Your heart knows. Ask it, feel it, see it. By doing so you will start to magnetize yourself to that which you truly want. You can best do this in meditation.

Think of and visualize the life you dream of. What do you see, who do you spend time with, what do you do? How do you feel in that life? Ask yourself all these questions and try and see yourself as that version of you, having different experiences.

Think, see, feel and do. These are keywords for manifestation. All are forms of energy that will help you manifest.

It starts with thinking. Define your ideal life. Write it down and write it out.

Then see, or visualize yourself in that life. What does it look like, make it as clear as possible.

How do you feel in that life. This is important as it connects an emotion to your thoughts and vision. And emotion is a very powerful energy tool to magnetize yourself.

Then see what you are doing in that ideal life. This is also important because it will tell you what you need to do in your current life in order to get to that ideal life. Literary taking action. For instance; you see yourself as a successful business person, such a person would have a detailed agenda. If you don’t use an agenda, then start to do so, learn and develop the skill set(s) needed.

Dream life

Law of resonance

This law is less often talked about but very important. Maybe even more important than the law of attraction. The law of resonance states that you will get what you deserve, and will get what you are. I phrased that a bit blunt, but it is the essence of the law.

Example; You want to be a millionaire, so you meditate and visualize as much as you can. But nothing happens. Why not? Because you subconsciously feel like you do not deserve to be one. That you are not worthy. This go’s back to doing. Take action to become who you need to be in order to manifest your dreams.

How you feel before you have manifested is also very important. Maybe you feel like you are always coming up short with money. When you acknowledge that, for example by saying to a friend; oh no I can’t afford that, you undo part of your hard-earned meditative work. And you will attract more situations in which you are, indeed, coming up short with money.

In order to get those millions, you will need to become the version of you that feels deserving of those millions. Lucky for us the universe will provide us with all sorts of test and tribulations to mold us into the version of us that does feel deserving.

Working through those test and trails will set you up for success, but be careful there is a catch. There will be moments in which you will feel like nothing you do/have done works, and all was in vain. These are the moments you need to push through, stay focused and continue on the pah you are on. If you stop the process, that will be a sign to the universe you did not truly want that which you wished, and you will not get it.

Keep going, change your speech and focus on what your heart desires. Let’s take the money example again. Instead of saying; I can’t afford that, which is an affirmation of a lack of money, instead say; I do not wish to invest in that at this moment. This implies that you DO have the money, you simply want to use it on something different.

Affirmations are another great manifestation tool, you can read more on affirmations here.

Saying investing instead of spending is a big change. Investing means it will give you a positive return. Like knowledge, happiness, a product that helps you in some way, while spending means giving away. Leaving what you will get in return vague. It might be good, it might be bad. Choose your words with care!

Dictionary, choose your words with care

The most important part of manifesting what you want

It is absolutely crucial that you believe that you already have that what you want to manifest, in the present moment. Even if this is not true, you need to believe it is. You need to believe that there is a version of you out there in the quantum field that already has it all.

Even if you do not believe this it is essential that you pretend that you do believe this. Fake it if you have to. Only that way will you connect and magnetize yourself to that what you want to manifest.


Meditating on your heart, is the fastest way you can manifest the life you dream of. As long as it is true to you and your ideal life. By meditating on your heart, visualizing and focussing on what you want, coming from your heart, you will magnetize your heart to attract it towards you.

Ask a healthy person what they wish for, and they will come up with a thousand things. Ask a sick person what they wish for and they will name only one thing.

When I got cluster headache 15 years ago, somewhere deep inside me, I knew I would beat it. 3 years ago I started developing myself, my self-love and my spirituality. About 1,5 years ago, I actively started to meditating on my heart, and going to my heart and wishing I would be cured. I now dare say that cluster headache is a thing of the past for me.

Maybe it is not cured in the medical and scientific meaning of the word, but it is no longer active and harassing and tormenting me.

Do I still live the life I did 15 or even 3 years ago? No, not at all. I had to make a complete lifestyle change in order to gain back that what I had lost, my health. The universe provided me with obstacles, set backs, tests and difficulties. But I made it through.

One of the things I needed to change was the way I spoke about myself and my disease. Instead of telling myself it was incurable, and I would be sick for the rest of my life, I would say I was already cured, and I would express gratitude for it. And when an attack came even though I told myself I was already cured, I would say, this is just a little relapse, I will beat this. In time what I said about my disease became my reality.

I now dare to say that I am healthy again. Thank god!

The heart will reveal what you truly want

Meditate on your heart, your true desires and that which you want to manifest. Be persistent and disciplined and do this on a daily basis. What you want might change with time. Do not get upset or think that all what you did before therefore must be a lie. Every thing always changes. Nothing stays the same, so it would be strange if this did not also apply to you.

Go with those changes when you feel it is true to who you are at that moment. Understand that by doing this practice of meditating on your heart and its desires, you are slowly pealing away layers of you that you before identified with.

Pealing away layers

Those layers might have felt like they were you, but in truth they were not. They were desires imprinted on to you by others and by your own ego trying to validate itself. This happens to all of us, so don’t be ashamed by that. Marketing is actually designed to do this. To make you believe that you are not good enough unless you buy/behave/do/or get this or that product.

Our egos are also always seeking recognition from others and identifying itself with that validation. It tells us that in order for us to be happy we need to live up to certain standard, or have certain things. This all slowly falls away when we keep meditating on your hearts and uncover what we truly desire.

So don’t be afraid to let go of old beliefs and desires and make room for new ones closer to your heart. You’ll find that once you start giving room to your heart’s desires your happiness will grow and your love for yourself and others too.

In time, you will reach the core of your desire. This is the moment when you truly start to manifest.

Before you go to sleep

The last power tool for manifesting; before you fall asleep, think and visualize about the life you wish to manifest. When we sleep we go to a different dimension which will aid us in manifesting what we want in this reality. You only need to do this just before you fall asleep, so your thoughts are aligned with that which you desire.

Person in bed sleeping

Sweet dreams!

Enjoy life to the fullest, BEINLOVEWITHYOURSELF!